Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed by the action of wind, ice, and water on older rock and is composed of sand-like crystals cemented together by other minerals.

The fascinating thing about sandstone is that when rubbed with another piece of sandstone, it will crumble into millions of tiny rocks!

We looked at sand through the magnifying glass and saw its crystal-like structure, as well as noticed that sand was not just one color.  We poured vinegar on the sand to see if anything would happen.  If you see bubbles when you do this it means that there are grains of once living things in the sand – like coral, bone, or shell.  

We also followed Karen Tyler’s presentation showing the importance of building a house on a firm foundation.


The guiding question: Would it be wise to build a house on a foundation of sand?

In a dish full of sand , we placed one flat rock.  We placed a plasticine house on the rock and also in the middle of the sand.  Then we sang The Silly Man/Wise Man song (in the album) and let it “rain” down on top of the houses with the watering can. Then we discussed what happened and she recorded it in her  science journal.

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