Rocks, Rocks, Rocks

Here is what is and will be on the shelves for geology.  There are several presentations and these will be posted over time.

First, the different kinds of rocks.  I took the rocks from our rock kit and photographed the ones I wanted to make three part cards for each type of rock. 


 I have yet to find out why Blogger keeps flipping photos on me every now and then.  For every set of cards, the four rock samples are kept in an empty baby food rectangular container.  I love these containers in the school room and sometimes buy the fruit purees on sale and with coupons just to have more of them.  I put the fruit puree in plain yogurt for the kids.  I made pouches for each set of cards using construction paper and glue.
Since igneous rocks come from volcanoes, I included the parts of a volcano cards on the shelves, along with blank ones for her to fill in.  These are from Montessori Print Shop.



Mineral to Gemstone cards:

I wanted her to understand that beautiful jewelry didn’t start out like that, that it was first an unpolished mineral from the ground or in a rock.  These cards have four sets of three cards to sequence.

 Practical Life:

 Spooning rocks.
 Sorting rocks.
(This is more for J-jo, though it is looking like he will follow in Bear’s footsteps and not be fond of sorting activities.)
 Pouring rocks.
Both kids love the sound of the rocks in the jam jars as they pour.
Rock pendants.
 We hung them on our branch.
We needed to put a bit of glue in the back.  I have to say that I ended up doing this one mostly by myself, but Bear kept asking me to make her more.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to twirl the wire around such small rocks.

I have lots of cool hands-on activities planned that I can’t keep on the shelves.  I will post them as we do them.