We probably should be studying birds or growing plants as it is Spring or almost Spring, but Bear chose a Penguin Toob the other day as a reward.  Consequently, we are taking a look at Antarctica and penguins instead.

Some penguin books we are loving right now:

Penguin by Polly Dunbar
Synopsis: Cute story about a boy who receives a penguin that won’t talk.  Surprise twist at end. 
A Penguin Story by Antoinette Portis (she also wrote Not a Stick and Not a Box)
Synopsis: Penguin tired of blue white and black everywhere goes looking for something else.

This book inspired an impromptu painting project. We do so little art compared to pre – J-jo days.  It felt so good to be doing art together again.
 We used a stencil to make the penguin’s body and a pencil dabbed in paint to make the snowflakes.
 He’s wearing the glove from the illustration here, but I forgot to put out orange paint so it’s black.  Bear was a little upset with me for that.
 If you have an older child, the project may turn out looking more like the one below, which happens to be the one I worked on.