Penguin Splash

One of the books we have been reading for the past two weeks is Turtle Splash!: Countdown at the Pond
by Cathryn Falwell (who also wrote Word Wizard).  I think I first found out about the books on Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.  
It’s a beautifully illustrated rhyming countdown from 10.  Cathryn Falwell uses alliteration like “squirrels scamper,”and many sound verbs, like “rustles,” and “crunch.”  I love her specific choice of words like “turtles lounging,” instead of “resting”, or “startled by a bullfrog” rather than “frightened.”  It’s one beautiful and lyrical poem that sounds good to the ears.
After reading Turtle Splash!: Countdown at the Pond, Bear and I came up with our own countdown activity changing the words from Five Green and Speckled Frogs.

10 penguins, oh so small
sitting on an iceberg wall
eating the most delicious fish, yum yum
one penguin slid with glee
he shouted out Yippee!
Then there were 9 penguins, oh so small.

Of course, we acted this out with the penguins from the Penguin Toob.
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