More Ocean Ideas

I asked Bear what she wanted to learn next and she said she wanted to keep learning about oceans, so here is some of what we did last week that I didn’t get time to post last Friday.
We were rowing Gramma’s Walk for Five in a Row.  The book went very nicely with our beach and ocean theme. 
This past week we rowed The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge.  I’m going to do a separate post about the activities that went specifically with those posts.

Sifting ocean animals out of the rice to match to the cards.  This work was out last month, but adding the practical life twist to it has given it new life.  We tried it with the net-like spoon, and also with just our hands.

I turned this into a French lesson for Bear in which she had to repeat phrases to me.  I would ask (in French) “Did you see a ___________ at the aquarium?” and she would have to answer correctly in a sentence in French.  “Yes, I saw a __________ at the aquarium.” Or, “No, I did not see a ________ at the aquarium.”  Since she is a highly visual learner, I wrote out the sentences for her on a small white board and it helped a lot in her pronunciation of the words.
Coloring on sandpaper we cut into starfish shapes.  We did this after reading the Let’s Read and Find out Science book called Starfish. 

 The printable above came from 2TeachingMommies.  We used our goldfish snack to measure the sea creatures.  J-jo was not into using his snack for anything other than snack.  Bear enjoyed it.

 After reading The Little Island, we made an island in our sandbox.
 Then we made a lake.
 After reading Gramma’s Walk (one of our selections for FIAR) we I made this barnacle pop up card.  Barnacles are very interesting.  They swim as larva, then glue their heads down on a rock or a whale and stay stuck the rest of their lives.
 We painted with ice cubes. Then cut the paper out using a seahorse template from Making Learning Fun.  I forgot to take photos of those seahorses.  That was to go with the book Mr. Seahorse by Eric Carle.
 Even our 4th of July activities were kind of sea themed as we spooned and poured and tweezed star beads onto sea star bath things. 
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