One thing I try to do, even though we have moved away from Montessori in our elementary schooling, is to give Bear options and a voice in the choice of her curriculum.  One thing she still loves from when we were doing Montessori preschool is Montessori Print Shop printables.  The printables offer her visuals and tangible materials that cement her understanding and knowledge.  It is always fun to stop by the website and see what PDFs Jennifer has available that coincide with the Classical Conversations curriculum.  I was delighted when I found out there was now a Classical Conversations bundle, making all the relevant PDFs less expensive than buying them all separately! The list of what the bundle includes is available here.

I always have a place in the school room where Bear and J-jo can find all the hands-on theme material.  Last term the shelf had all the botany materials; this term it has all the geology resources.
  Here you can see J-jo working with the parts of a volcano cards. You can see how I store them in homemade construction paper envelopes.
Here’s a close up of how nice the cards are.
Bear likes to make booklets with the blank cards that are included in a lot of the PDFs.  Now she is at the stage where she writes extra information on the back.
The Bundle includes Michelangelo cards.  I haven’t put out the work yet, but here is an example of how I used Montessori Print Shop’s Georgia O’Keeffe cards almost two years ago.  I think Michelangelo will be similarly displayed in week 17.
Here are some of the things they will be working on this week – mountains.  Bear saw this on the floor and was very interested, but we were on our way out.  It’s the kinds of mountains and how they form.
 And there are even photographs of mountains to classify according to the kinds of mountains!
These are nomenclature cards of the parts of a mountain.

These are very beautiful cards and they are wonderful for learning vocabulary and building reading skills.