avoiding meal time ruts

We get stuck in food ruts sometimes. My son wants egg quesadillas every breakfast, for instance, and my daughter would like oatmeal everyday. While I love egg quesadillas and could eat those everyday, I don’t prefer oatmeal at all for breakfast. I’m also not going to cater to everyone and make something different for everyone.

And then there’s dinner. I use Plan to Eat for collecting all my recipes and for meal planning and grocery list making, but it is still a headache to make decisions as to what to eat each night. I’d heard of meal rotations before, and after talking to a friend recently, I decided to create a rotation that could work for us.

We do a breakfast rotation and a dinner rotation because lunch is mostly leftovers from dinner.


Fruit gets served everyday.

Monday: toast with sunbutter or almond butter (we have a peanut allergy in our house)
Tuesday: egg quesadillas
Wednesday: toast with sunbutter or almond butter
Thursday: egg quesadillas
Friday: open choice – so Bear can get her oatmeal 🙂
Saturday and Sunday: pancakes or waffles  (We make a double batch on Saturday so we can grab a quick breakfast on Sunday before heading to Mass.)

I can always add sausage or bacon to any of those breakfasts if we feel like it. We require the kids to have protein every day for breakfast so on weekends they either add a nut butter to their pancake/waffle or have a few handfuls of almonds or cashews.


Monday: Chicken
Tuesday: Soup
Wednesday: Pasta
Thursday: Something with beans or Fried rice
Friday: Fish or Vegetarian stirfry
Saturday: Ground beef
Sunday: Leftovers

I am hoping we can do Meatless Friday all year long, not just for Lent, and that requires Thursday dinners to be meatless since we eat leftovers for lunch.

With the menu rotation, I can now quickly plug in a recipe from that category into my Plan to Eat meal planning calendar and be ready to go for the week. Having parameters for meal planning has helped me deal with decision fatigue.

Do you use meal rotations? I’d love to hear yours. Leave it in the comment if you’d like to share.