Home Art Studio

I had heard of Home Art Studio from 1+1+1=1 in the Spring, but had forgotten about it until I stumbled upon the Home Art Studio booth at our homeschool convention.  I enjoyed talking with Lindsay Volin, the creator of Home Art Studio, and was delighted to be able to try out her DVD art lessons!  Bear, J-jo and I have been enjoying the first grade art lessons very much.  J-jo requests “Ms. Volin” often.

The first grade DVD includes 18 lessons and PDF instructions for the lessons.  The lessons in the first grade DVD focus on art around the world with every project chosen to help develop art elements and principles, and teach about the culture on which it is based. The kids so far have woven paper, made a roller coaster, cut out space ships to add to a space scene, studied reflections, and painted a peacock.

I like how conversational Ms. Volin is as she demonstrates the projects.  I also like the video clips of corresponding background information for each lesson – there has been a clip of a roller coaster and another of a loom, one of a rocket and another of a real peacock – that are inserted within each lesson.  I appreciate that the supplies she recommends are “real” art supplies (although we are mostly using Crayola and Discount School Supply materials).  I especially like that we can pause or rewind when we need to!

The first project was a paper roller coaster. I didn’t think much of the project at first, but ended up being impressed with how it was presented.  Ms. Volin gave good tips, such as not to use too much glue.  We watched the video, then went to work.  I was surprised at how into the creations they were and at how J-jo wanted to play with his sculpture!  He got out his toy cars as soon as he was done and proceeded to play on the roller coaster.

Bear’s rollercoaster.

J-jo at play.

I love that although this is first grade art, J-jo can join in and participate.  Sometimes (like with the peacock) he needs a bit of drawing assistance from me (he drew the body by himself but I drew the feathers), but overall he has done the projects alone, with Mom hovering, but not touching his art.

J-jo painting the peacock.

Bear painting her peacock.

Working on “reflections of buildings” project.  I forget what the lesson was called on the DVD.

J-jo’s finished reflection.

And silly me!  I didn’t even realize that there was more on this DVD. I can put it in my computer and get printable lesson plans!  Who knew?!  At least now you will!  You can read here about the different grade levels.

I highly recommend Home Art Studio.  We’ll be getting the next level next year.  It’s just so easy for the parent.  Very little prep.  Pop in the DVD, watch the short lesson, get out the art supplies, and get creative!  Voila! Art gets done!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of Home Art Studio: First Grade in exchange for this review. I was not required to write a positive review.