This sensory bin was so much fun to make. I collected items around the house for it and it was quick to put together.   The kids love using the two spoons and spooning black beans to be mush for the little bowl in there.

Goodnight Moon Sensory Bin:

wooden crescent moon – from a game
black beans – for night sky
three bears on chairs- counting bears, Playmobil chairs
clock – button with clock face drawn on paper and glued on it
stars – yellow pompoms and white star beads
mittens – cut from craft foam
kittens – counting cats
a comb, 
a bowl (not full of mush)
a spoon for the bowl,
a cow – it blends in and is hard to see
telephone – it’s black and tiny and nearly invisible in the photo (just below the moon) – it’s from the dollhouse I had when I was a girl
a mouse – tiny mouse shaped button below the kittens
a little old lady – Fisher Price little people circa 1970’s
some bunnies

There’s also a red pompom in it to be the red balloon, but it wasn’t in the bin for the photograph.