The script can be found here. This Flickr stream has great ideas for play sets for Godly Play.  Here are the two parts of her Noah’s Ark set.
We do a memory verse for every story and our memory verse for Noah’s Ark is
Do everything without complaining or arguing.  Philippians 2:14
We don’t have a Noah’s ark playset and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to purchase one. But I easily made one with two boxes.  I used a small box and a soap box covered in brown construction paper. 
 Cutting a flap into one end of the ark and putting a pipe cleaner loop as a handle, we were able to open and close the ark to put the animals and Noah into it.
 We used animals from our farm.  We found we had two of a lot of farm animals.  I would have liked to include a better representation of animals, but I was being frugal. 
Here the animals are coming out of the ark and Noah has built an altar to God.
 We used three rocks to make the altar.  You can also see our “olive branch” and “dove”.  I ended up replacing the small twig for a small piece of pipe cleaner because that twig was so small we kept misplacing it.
The dove leaves the ark and finds itself a nest.  Bear chose this from one of our bins of blocks.
We added other fun things like this song and this one and this one at circle time.  And we made arks out of paper plates.
There’s a mini book here that I cut apart and had Bear sequence as review work for the story.
Next up is the Tower of Babel.