Godly Play – Creation

Here are some good resources for using Godly Play to present the story of Creation from the Bible.  Godly Play is a Montessori approach that lets children experience the stories and parables from the Bible through beautiful (and expensive) wooden sets.

  • Working at Play has pictures of the Creation story cards.
  • This YouTube video shows the presentation.  The link is for the first part; there are three or four videos to see the whole presentation.
  • I found the script through a Google search, but it originates from here.

I finally bought the book Young Children and Worship and am hoping to incorporate it into our Bible time.  I hope to use two shelves in our living room for Godly Play where I can rotate in and out the different play sets for the Bible stories.  Considering how Bear likes to act out stories, this should be a hit.

Here are the story cards I made.  I just used construction paper and will laminate them once my new laminating pouches arrive. Day 7 is just a plain white card.

How many of you use Godly Play at home?