We’ve been reading Planting a Rainbow 
and Growing Vegetable Soup 
 as part of J-jo’s “G is for Garden” activities.  I think we’ll be moving on to “R is for Rainbow” and “V is for Vegetable” soon.  I don’t spend much energy coming up with activities.  Most of the time I just do one craft to go with the letter sound box, the letter sound box books, and some songs to do with the main object I’ve chosen to go with the letter.
I’ve come up with an idea to go with the these two books though.

A vegetable rainbow.

I cut out a bunch of photos of vegetables from the Burpees seed catalog.  (Not that I plant a garden, as I have a totally black, not green, thumb…but I figured that having some beautiful flower, fruit, and vegetable pictures might inspire me to do some neat activity for the kids.)
I chose fruit and vegetables to represent each color of the rainbow and brown and white.
Then I cut some construction paper of each color in half, and taped the edges together to form an accordion book.
The pictures and book are on a tray with a glue stick and J-jo and I will work together to glue the pictures on the right pages.  I have the other halfs of paper for Bear, as well as the rest of the catalog, so she can do the project from start to finish herself if she wants (I’m guessing she will once she sees J-jo’s).
Another way to do this would be to have the child glue the pictures first, then laminate, and then tape the pages together.  I can always cut through the tape if I decide to laminate.
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