I love, love, love our new Education Cubes.  I purchased our cubes from Constructive Playthings and then waited, rather impatiently, for them to arrive.
As soon as they did, I started printing from the Education Cubes membership site.
Blank cards to write the Science memory work (from Classical Conversations)

I wanted the cubes mostly for reviewing our Classical Conversation memory work in a fun way.
 We have been reviewing states and capitals everyday by rolling the cubes and then coloring in the states rolled.
We review the science memory work by rolling and answering the question that has been rolled.
Meanwhile, J-jo practices counting pumpkins or whatever other manipulative on hand for the number rolled (this is a Mommy assisted activity).
We also roll the numbers (up to 12) to start off our skip counting songs.  If the cube landed on 6 for example, we would sing the sixes song.
After two weeks, we’ve only just scratched the surface of how we will be able to use these in our homeschool.  I am so excited and can’t wait to share more ideas.  I’ve already printed out the fractions and the ten frame counting cards to use soon.  And I know J-jo will love to roll his letters.
By joining the Education Cubes, you get access to over 200 sets of insert cards, plus access to any cards created after you join.  The membership is a one time fee of $12.
So far, the membership is saving me a whole lot of work.  One thing I would love, though, would be for the blank cards to be an editable PDF file so I could type in the info I want there.  Nevertheless, these cards are great and my kids love them.  I bring them to my Classical Conversation class and the children all clamor to be the first to roll.

Disclaimer: I purchased my blocks, but received a membership free of charge in exchange for this post.  The opinions expressed are my own.