Usually, the Montessori presentation for prepositions is done with a silk flower and a vase; however, since we have been rowing Corduroy this week for J-jo, I changed up the presentation a bit and used a small teddy bear and a tiny shopping bag.
 I followed the presentation from a file called “The Primary Grammar Cabinet” by Josh Galarza but presently I can’t find a link for it.  He presents a story for each symbol explaining why the symbol is what it is.  The stories help both Bear and I remember which symbol is which.  The article triangles should really be lighter blue than the adjective triangle, but I didn’t have any light blue in my stash of foam.
 After Bear has put the teddy in/on/under etc the bag, she pulls out the grammar symbols.  I made these from foam sheets, just eyeballing it, no patterns.  We use these in conjunction with the grammar symbol guide I printed from here to help us remember which symbol is for what part of speech.  Bear is quite good at simple sentence analysis.