Bear’s Magic Head

Bear: Mommy, do you have a magic head that lets you hear things?

Me: Umm.  What do you mean, “let’s you hear things”?

Bear: Like in the book.  I can hear the words.  I just turn on my magic head (she puts her hand under her hair by the nape of her head and pushes) right here and then I can hear the book in my head.  Can you do that?

Me: (Smiling) Yes! You mean silent reading. Reading in your head.  I can do that.  You can do that?

Bear: Yes, Mommy.  Of course.  I have a magic head.


Bear: Mommy, I need to turn my magic head off when I’m not using it or it might run out of batteries.  

I love it when she comes up with these really neat ways to describe things.  I was unaware that she had figured out how to read silently.  Apparently she’s been doing that for a while now. And I never even realized:)