Our latest inspiration has been Paul Klee.  I spotted Paul Klee: Art for Children
at our library as we were leaving and felt the art work in it were inspiring.

We’ve done three projects.  I’ll be posting one each week.  Bear and I were looking through the book one bedtime and she kept saying, “I want to do one like this.”  The first image she said that about was the following one.


It would be fun to live in such a tree house, wouldn’t it?
We talked about the shapes we could see.  I read her what the book said about the painting. (See the sun setting, the bird in the sky, the stars coming out as it is evening, the size of the tree compared to the little man….)  There was a lot to observe and we enjoyed pointing things out to each other.

The next day, Bear’s project was waiting for her.

She used sponges and foam stamps (homemade using stickers on jar lids), and tempera paint


This was her first one. It is raining mud in this painting.  There’s a brown hill with a house hidden inside on the bottom right.
  In this one, Bear included the sunset and played with putting the triangles in the other direction.