art appreciation for kids, Piet Mondrian

Bear really enjoys our art appreciation lessons but with J-jo not quite 3, we don’t always get to them.  I signed up Bear for 4 trial lessons at an art school and was very disappointed in the art work that came home.  It wasn’t art, it was crafts.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t be lazy and will just have to depend upon myself to give Bear and J-jo a good start in art appreciation and art skills.

I eased back into art with a simple abstract project based on Piet Mondrian’s Composition II in Red.

image from Wikipedia
After reading bits and pieces from Wikipedia aloud to Bear and J-jo, and looking up the Netherlands on a map of Europe, we started our art project.  We discussed what would make our art work look like Mondrian’s and came up with:
  • needs horizontal and vertical lines
  • needs to have rectangles and squares
  • can only use red, yellow, and blue
  • leave white for contrast
I cut strips of black construction paper and they glued them down. Then they chose from the three colors, deciding where to paint. That’s it!



The best part is that the children were able to see some Mondrian paintings in person at our art museum this week.  
Next up: some Matisse and Picasso