31 picture books
31 Picture Books for Art Appreciation:

I am excited to travel through art history with you and share a great picture book each day that will inspire young artists. I have tried to choose living books that share something about an artists life. For some of the early art eras, in which I could not pinpoint a specific artist, I chose picture books that were set in the time, or whose illustrations were in the style of the era or depicted life in that era.

Each featured book will be followed by other corresponding books, or literary go-alongs, as well as a link to an art project.

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Ancient Art

1. Cave Art

Medieval Art

2. Illuminated Manuscripts

3. Castles

Renaissance Masters 

4. Leonardo da Vinci

5. Michelangelo

Baroque Masters

6. Rembrandt

7. Johannes Vermeer

8. Hokusai

Impressionist Masters

9. Monet

10. Degas

11. Cezanne

12. Renoir

13. Cassatt

Post-Impressionist Masters

14. Henri Rousseau

15. van Gogh

16. Matisse

Expressionist Masters

17. Paul Klee

18. Picasso

19. Kandinsky

Modern Masters

20. Gaudi

21. Dali

22. O’Keeffe

23. Jackson Pollock

24. Jacob Lawrence

25. Magritte

26. Warhol

27. Hundertwasser

28. Frida Kahlo

29. Diego

30. Calder

31. Favorite general art books